{Toadstools} another fun, easy-to-make gift for the kids

This was one of the more fun little things that I’ve made recently and so super cute!  As I posted a few days ago, I am trying to center a lot of the toys in our playroom around the tree house that Scott and his dad made for the girls a few years ago.  So, one of our newest additions and also part of this year’s Christmas gifts for them is this collection of toadstools.

Chloe loves to imagine that fairies live beneath the mushrooms that grow in our yard.  I love their imaginations.  They are just so precious.  In my search for all things natural and fabulous, I found this toadstool idea on Etsy.  So of course, I had to make it because it’s dreamy.Supplies

  1. Wooden cabinet door knobs
  2. Paint
  3. Paint brush
  4. Pencil
  5. Sealant

The How to

When I bought the cabinet knobs (just at a local hardware store), I found three different sizes and I purchased three of each.  This will add a little dimension and variety in our tree house scene.

I used acrylic paint for the tops of the mushrooms.  I happened to have three shimmering colors on hand, so I went with red, blue, and purple and of course added white polka dots to the tops in various patterns to keep each one unique.

One way to get nice even polka dots is to use a pencil tip.  Dip the pencil into a shallow drop of paint and dab it where you need your dot.  After every 5-10 dots you will want to wipe the pencil tip to keep it from gathering too much paint.  Otherwise your dots will continuously get bigger.

If you want to paint the base of the toadstool white, have at it.  I did it for one of mine so far.  I’m debating on doing the rest.  I love the wood look too, so we’ll see.The last thing to do is seal it with a clear acrylic sealant or spray sealant.  I love the spray kind.  It’s fast and easy!

Don’t these ladybugs look precious on the toadstools?!  My girls are gonna have so much fun with these.  It literally pains me to wait until Christmas to give these to them.  I’m that kind of gift giver—the kind that gets the gift all ready and then practically explodes with anticipation for the moment the recipient gets it.  The only thing that holds me back is knowing how much fun Christmas morning will be for all of us.

Total Project Cost: $10


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