Ornament Advent Calendar

I have to take a short break from our home made Christmas gifts to talk about our Advent Calendar, lest December slip right past me and I never mention it.  Which would be a shame because I just love it.

I have seen some great Advent Calendars and I really wanted to make a special one—but something different.  It took me a while, but I figured out what I wanted to make.  And this one begins with 25 Christmas ornaments

Long ago I used to scrap book and I had lots of scrap book things hanging out in a bin.  I grabbed out some fun shapes and spray painted them a shiny gold.  I just love how they look.  From cute to elegant.  

I glued the gold pieces onto the ornaments using a biiiig glob of hot glue.

Then, I printed out some numbers and glued them to the gold pieces.  Some of the pieces also got a little bit of ribbon and lace.

Tie on some string at all different lengths.  I found this great red and green string in my drawer of ribbons.

It took me a while to figure out where to hang my advent calendar.  I toyed with many different places and things from which to hang them, but what turned out to be fab is my dining room curtain rod.  I attached them with some wire that I wrapped around and finagled to make into built in hooks.  This way it will be easy to take them down and they are reusable.

The last thing I did was attach a red bow with a silver twisty tie.  The red bow indicates which day in advent it is.  The girls like it because we move it each day and then we talk about how many days it is until Jesus’ birthday.

I guess it’s because of all the tying and gluing that I did, but this took way longer than I expected.  I am so glad I made it, but while I was in the middle of it I felt like I was never going to be done.  I think I must have had a lot of interruptions or something.  But either way it was really easy to do and a great end result!  It sure got a lot of “ooohs” and “ahhhhs” from the girls when they woke up in the morning.  : )

Total Project Cost: $0 (all stuff we had on hand)


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