{Tree House Set} imagination not included

A couple years ago I saw this super cool Waldorf inspired tree house online.

Oh that looks like so much fun!  I absolutely LOVEd it and wanted it for my girls.  I think Chloe was turning two at the time and I wanted it for her birthday.  But my goodness, the price for a small version begins at $99.00!  I think it’s just fabulous and reeeeally wanted it.  So, I asked Scott to build it.  He enlisted the help of his father, who is quite crafty and together they build an absolutely gorgeous version of the tree house (for free!).  It used to have a swing, but it needs to be reattached as it has somehow been removed.

So, the next addition I saw for this tree house was gnomes, furniture, tree blocks, and dyed wool for bushes and tree leaves.

Oh!  It just adds so much color and imagination.  But again, pricy!  So, I thought what I usually think, “I can make that!”  So, I set out to buy and die some wool.  This was so easy.  And, if you don’t already know,wool is organic and hypoallergenic (woo hoo!), which is something we are quite fond of in our house.  The colors turned out so vibrant and the girls love playing with it.  Different textures are so wonderful for little fingers and wool adds a great new texture to their play environment.

Next, I wanted to work on those tree blocks.  So, we hauled some tree branches back home on one of our nature walks.  During nap time, I went out and got the circular saw and began cutting.  Since I now know how to make a beeswax sealant, I will be doing that soon to seal the blocks, but for now I just used a little bit of coconut oil.

The other day I was cruising around on Etsy and I saw the cutest little toadstools I ever did see.  They were made of wooden cabinet knobs.  So, I found a couple in my garage and bought a bunch more and started painting.  They turned out so cute!


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