Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

As we all know, Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching.  Is it just me or has this year flown by incredibly fast?  November is half way over?  Really?  I’ve enjoyed just about every moment, but it just seems to be racing by…such is life with kids, huh?  Anyway.  I was doing some surfing this evening.  I love to look for different ways to spruce up this fabulous holiday.  I thoroughly enjoy Thanksgiving—from the food to the atmosphere.  It really is a tie between Thanksgiving and Christmas for me.

Most of us are attending a Thanksgiving dinner that someone else is hosting this year.  I put together a bunch of different things that will make attending Thanksgiving dinner smooth sailing for you and will also make the evening a little lighter for your hard working host and hostess.

Even if you haven’t prepared Thanksgiving dinner, I’m sure you already know how much planning and work goes into pulling off such a fabulous dinner and festive atmosphere for a group of people, whether large or small.  Today I have some ideas for gifts of appreciation and thanks for your host and hostess.


This gift is simple (and some might find it overdone), but you can really find some fabulous candles out there.  One of my favorite places to shop online is Etsy.  Most items on Etsy are handmade, which, if you know me you know that handmade is on my list of super awesomeness.  My Garden Gate is selling some absolutely gorgeous Birch Bark Candles, which I might pick up for myself.

Bath Salts

  • What better way to help your hostess relax after a long day (or week) of preparations, than with a soothing bath.  With the right kind of bath salts, this gift can go a long way.  LLFarm offers pure, organic Atlantic Sea Salts in unique scents and packaging.

Wine and Glasses

Gift Baskets

This is only a start to all the marvelous gift ideas out there.  Have fun shopping for your host and hostess.  Personalize it for that special person.  Be creative and have fun!


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