Sniffly Snugglers

We’ve been sick around here—the sniffles, sneezing, coughing, achiness.  It’s no fun.  My poor ladies have been snuggling and feeling yucky for a few days now.  Aside from letting Chloe play soccer (her super love), they haven’t done much of anything for the last two weeks.  The girls are starting to get antsy.  We have had to run errands and do a couple things I committed to doing in advance, but what we’ve really been doing lately is a lot of lying on the couch and watching movies on comfy pillows and under big blankets.

So, today was a biiiig cleaning day.  I am now on a mission to rid our house of this terrible bug.  It’s not easy!  I’ve done this so many times before.  One year during winter we just kept getting sick and after the third time, I literally cleaned my walls and ceilings with disinfectant, trying to get those germs out of there.  Fortunately, in Florida we can open the windows and get some fresh air circulating and rejuvenating our home.

After seven loads of laundry (including clean bedding), one clean bathroom, clean floors, and a clean kitchen, I think I’m half way done.  And that was with Scott’s help.  Tomorrow I will keep tackling it and I’m sure Monday will be the same.  And with that in my sleepy mind, I’m going to sign off by wishing each of you and your families a wonderful weekend and good health.


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