One Week of Willow – Day Seven: Flower Child

Well, today is the final day in our One Week of Willow series.  Her birthday week has been so wonderful. That’s the cool thing about being born on or around Halloween.   There’s a lot going on and a lot of candy and fun to be had.  And she is one little lady who had a lot of fun and her fair share of candy.

To finish up, I wanted to share one more of my favorite things about my sweet girl.  Willow has a fascination with flowers.  And, I’ve had to relax on my feelings about the flowers in my garden, because this child cannot help herself.  She absolutely has to pick flowers.  She knows not to pick certain ones and has permission to pick others.  I planted a bunch of marigolds from seeds and every time she sees one, she picks it.  She smells them.  She gives them as gifts to people.  And I have to say that this is such a lovely thing for her to find delight in.  She has been able to see the beauty and wonder in every flower she comes across.  So saying, hide your flowers if we come to visit, because before we walk in your door she will have picked at least one!


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