One Week of Willow – Day Five: Tippy Toes

It’s funny how each child is so different.  Even though they are born from the same parents they are so different from each other.  Chloe is very sweet and compassionate.  She follows the rules most of the time and loves to take care of her sisters.  Laelia we are still figuring out.  At 13 months she is already bossy.  She likes to tell her sisters and her doggie what to do, making sure to firmly tell them “No, no!” when they’ve done something she believes is wrong—probably because they do the same thing to her.  But she’s a great snuggler.  She loves to kiss and hug and really loves her sisters.

Willow has always been different from Chloe.  Chloe was the kind of kid to whom I could say, “No, don’t touch the lamp” and after saying it twice she never touched the lamp again.  Willow…well, let’s just say that we had to remove the lamp.  I hear stories like this from many mothers who have two children with personalities that differ like mine do.  But with such obstinance comes a lot of spirit and enthusiasm.

I appreciate Willow’s spirit.  She puts her all into everything she does—in the good and the bad.  From her explorations to her imagination, she is completely immersed and I can see her discovering worlds of magical play and make believe.  It’s fantastic!

Willow loves to dance and prance around.  If you are with her for any period of time you will notice something different about her.  She almost always walks and dances on her tippy toes.  It’s just natural for her.  She would much rather be barefoot because of it, but will reluctantly put on her shoes when prompted.  I love this trait in her.  It’s one of my favorite things about her physical attributes.  It really says so much about her.  She is such a dainty lady, but she shines so brightly.  She has so much strength in her.  She’s a big part of our family and holds so many irreplaceable aspects of our family circle with her.


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