One Week of Willow – Day Four: Paper Lanterns

Birthday decorations in our house have become a very fun part of the party.  While I like for each party to be unique for each child, I also do enjoy theme parties, but still keeping the child as the main theme of the party.  Sometimes this can be challenging.  Two of Willow’s favorite things are flowers, which she loves to pick mostly, and tea parties.  So, we decided to have a garden tea party—very Willow.

One of the decorations we chose was paper lanterns.  These were so much fun to make.

The first thing we did was some fabulous painting with watercolors on 12” x 12” scrapbook paper.  This part was key in Willowing these lanterns (“Willowing” is my term for making these lanterns specific to the birthday girl).  It was so cool using her paintings for her decorations.

  • After the necessary drying period, I folded the paper in half.

  • On the folded edge of the paper, using the paper cutter (scissors will do just fine too of course) I cut strips every inch beginning at the end of the paper.
  • Stop the cuts about 2 1/2” from the end of the unfolded edge of the paper.  I feel like this isn’t making sense, but hopefully the pictures will help.

This is where the lantern starts to take shape.

  • Unfold the paper.
  • Hold the paper so that the fold is horizontal and the cuts are vertical.

  • Glue along the length of the one of end lengthwise along the cut.

  • Attach the glued end to the opposite end of the paper.
  • Paper clip the top and bottom of the paper so that they are able to dry and don’t wiggle around.
  • After it dries, cut one more strip of paper 1” x 8” for the hanger at the top of the lantern.
  • Glue that buddy to the top.

It’s time to hang your lantern!  We hung lots of lanterns.  Unfortunately our garden tea party was rained and flooded out and we have rescheduled it.  But don’t worry.  We partied anyway and celebrated our precious lady’s birthday in a super fun way.


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