{These are a few of my favorite things}

I love the simple things. Do you have a list of loves? Mine seems ever growing or I’m newly reminded of favorite things from the past…

  • The feel of the warm sand as your feet sink slowly into it and the sound of the ocean just nearby.
  • The way those chubby little hands that are forever grabbing, slowly fall limp as their tiny owner drifts off to sleep.
  • My mother’s voice reading my children bedtime stories and knowing that it’s rare to hear in my house. Soon enough we will be wishing for another visit.
  • The sound of all three kids playing happily together.
  • Giggling girls
  • The feeling of our house after every tiny person has gone to sleep….the peaceful stillness of the night.
  • Watching the girls discover anything and everything they can while they play outside and their excitement that comes with it.
  • The happiness that comes with doing things for one another.
  • The smell of freshly baked bread filling our house.
  • The desire of all our children to snuggle up close to us as often as possible.



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