Our Handmade Home

Do you have lots of handmade things in your home? I was walking out of Laelia’s room recently and it dawned on me that almost everything around me had been handmade by someone we love and who apparently loves us too. These things are such a wonderful reminder of those special people—people who live close by and far away, but who we hold so dear in our hearts. I can honestly say that every time I look at one of those items I think of that special person who made it. It’s so funny that even in such a small moment of passing by or picking up something my thoughts of that person are triggered. What a blessing! So thank you to all who have graced our home with your love. You are truly special to our family and I’m so happy that you dance across our minds so often.

Scott’s grandpa used to make these rocking horses for each of his grandchildren.

A cradle for the girls’ babies, made by my grandpa

Chloe’s adorable pillowcase dress, made by her Aunt Season.

This is the girls’ tree house, which also functions as a castle and many, many other things. Daddy and Pappy made this for them for hours and hours of happy playtime.

For each grandbaby, my mother sews a special blanket. This is Chloe’s special blanket from her Nana.

Willow’s blanket, made by Nana.

Laelia’s blanket made by Nana.

This sweet gown was made for me by my grandmother for my Christening. Willow and Laelia have also worn it for their dedications.

I think my grandpa made this sewing table to house the machine inside. I could be off about that…maybe a great grandpa.

My best friend, Season, made these jammies for Chloe. They are sooo soft!

the whole ensambe

Aunt Season also made this kitty cat for Chloe for her birthday. Chloe loves her (Flowers is her name) so much. She is her frequent companion.

The babies were made by my mama and the blankets were made by a couple of our grandmothers and my mother. We are blessed by maaaany crouched blankets in our home.

She didn’t make the adorable baby, but Scott’s cousin Michelle did make the precious outfit that Laelia is wearing.

This is where I used to sleep! My grandpa made this cradle for me when I was a baby. Now we use it for some of the girls’ dress up clothes.

This is the tooth pillow my mom made for me when I was little.

This rag quilt was made by Aunt Karen for Laelia when she was born. It’s so snuggly!

And, I don’t think this is even the half of it.  We are so blessed!


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