Candy Corn Pumpkin

The other morning I was out and I found a gorgeous pumpkin!  It’s tall and gnarly, which I so love.  So of course I brought it home, along with several other pumpkins and a fabulous gourd.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, but today I got pummeled with a fantastic idea…make it into a giant candy corn!

So, Chloe and I went out into the garage and got to work.

  • First, we taped off the top and bottom of the pumpkin with painters tape, leaving the orange middle alone.

  • I thought painting with cotton balls would be both fun and also would keep it from looking streaky.  After painting the top white (which I ended up just spray painting) and the bottom yellow, I took off the tape to check out our handiwork.

  • Because of the bumpiness of the pumpkin, the painters tape didn’t work perfectly and it left some drippy areas.  But using a cloth, I was able to clean it up pretty good, but I decided to finish the edges a little differently and super fun!

So, I glued the ric rac at the edge of each color using tacky glue.  Good enough to eat!  But don’t.  Probably not as delicious as the real deal.


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