When life gives you rain, make some rainbows!

This weekend, our tiny part of the sunshine state has been bombarded with rain.  In fact, we’ve had so much rain that yesterday was a record day—8 inches!  And, the winds have been so severe that our front yard has been pummeled with palm branches, which on one hand is nice because we needed to call a tree trimmer and now we won’t have to.  Nah, we probably still need to.  They didn’t all come down this time.  During the next two days the storms have been upgraded to tropical storms (probably what this weekend was too).

As crazy as it sounds, I have really enjoyed the storm so far.

    • I love the sound of the wind whipping the branches around.
    • I love the winds and rain on my face.
    • I love the clouds giving us some rare shade from the beautiful sunshine, which is plentiful in Pennsylvania    (where we previously lived).  It’s kind of a blast from the past, which I didn’t find fun for months at a time, but is nice on occasion here.
    • I love that my kids are experiencing a different side of weather.  It hadn’t been particularly rainy this summer.  I loved seeing them dance in the rain today—all of them!  Even the baby happily pranced around in the rain.
    • I love that God is watering my plants for me right now.
    • I love the break in the rain and the sun peaking through the clouds, lining them with their golden rays.
    • Today my girls followed me outside while I was cleaning up some of the palm branches during a break in the storm (those branches can be weapons if they get whirled around by the wind).  I looked up in the sky and boldly draped across the sky was not one rainbow, but two!  Of course we all had a wonderful time enjoying another beautiful piece of our tropical storm.  I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.


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