Petal blanket (for photography and such…)

I had seen those fabulous petal blankets on several photography sites just after Laelia was born. They weren’t too pricy—about $35 or so for a small one. But come on, I could make that!
So I began my search for rose petals online. I wanted pink, which I found, but then I found yellow with pink tips, which is just fab. I got 1000 or so for $7.
Then I found a 3’ x 4’ piece of heavy, white fabric in my piles of fabric. $0 (and it was given to me, so it really was free to start with!)

I hemmed the edge of the fabric…

…and started gluing.  I began in the middle so there wouldn’t be a pattern to them.  They are very whimsically placed.  When I was finished, I did the same thing to a pair of white bloomers that belonged to a dress, which was unfortunately torn in an unrepairable manner.

Then we took pictures…

…and more pictures…

…and more pictures.


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