Tree Branch Hooks

I once saw in a catalog, a tree branch coming out from the wall and I thought, “That is super fun.”  So, I tried to figure out how I could incorporate this kind of thing into the girls’ playroom.  Their playroom is so much fun already.  It just needed a little more storage for their playsilks and yarn and scarves and things.  So, that’s when my idea kicked in for hooks made out of tree branches.

This was so simple to do and a lot of fun because we got to do it as a family.  One morning, the girls and I traipsed down the road on a nature walk, in search of the perfect branch for our tree hooks.  Of course we took our time and enjoyed the grass and the butterflies and all the smell of the day.  After a while, we chose our branch and lugged it back.

Then, I cut them in about 6-8 inch pieces.  No need for perfection here.  It’s a tree branch after all.  Perfection just takes away from its natural beauty.

To seal them, Scott ended up putting polyurethane on them.  I’d probably do it differently next time because they came out dark—not as natural as I wanted them to look, but still very nice.  After they dried, Scott drilled a hole into one of the end and screwed in the double ended screw, which I was so happy to discover (just at your local hardware store).  He hung them on the wall and voila!  Tree hooks!  The girls really like them.  And they add such a wonderful natural feel to the room (which is always welcome in our home).


4 thoughts on “Tree Branch Hooks

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  2. thank you for sharing how to do this! I have been trying to figure it out by myself…never knew double ended screws even existed!

  3. I saw the cutest wall on It looked like light green wallpaper with skinny white trees and they had dowel rod pieces for coat hooks. I’m planning on painting my laundry room wall with tone on tone trees and using branches for hooks. Thanks for showing how to do this! I can hardly wait! 🙂

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