Stick Alphabet

Last year my best friend, Season, sent me a picture of some really cute letters she made for her girls’ room out of sticks and other things. They were super cute! And, as Season usually does, she inspired me to make something similar for my girls in their play room.

This is just adorable!! Isn’t she creative?!

We strive to keep things as simple and natural and homemade as possible around here, so these stick letters fit right in.  At first, I thought I’d spell their names, but I had already made them name banners for their rooms (don’t worry.  That post is coming!), so I wanted to do something different.  And, since we are learning the alphabet, I decided to do a stick alphabet for them.

Willow is pulling grapevine and doing a fabulous job. She’s so darn cute!

We collected the sticks and grapevine on our nature walks.

I put them together here and there as I got more “inventory” until finally…

They are done!

The wire on some of the letters is only there until the grapevine dries. Then it can be removed.

We are planning to hang them up in the play room.  Here in the near future I’m going to do a play room post and I’ll show the letters hanging at that time.  I’m so happy with how they turned out.  And, they do the job of keeping it simple and natural and homemade….and free!  Love it!


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