Top 10 Halloween Treats

I just love October.  It’s time to get festive!  Halloween is just around the corner and with that in mind, I thought it would be fitting to count down the top ten most fabulous Halloween recipes, all of which happen to be desserts (go figure!).  So, get out your recipe cards, because here it comes!
The 10 spot goes to How Does She?  for these delicious Black Licorice Caramels….can you imagine?!

Number 9 goes to {the decorated cookie}.  Look at these fun, scrumptious googly-eyed monster cupcakes! Get the kids involved with this one!  And it looks like they’d get gobbled up quickly at a table of hungry little monsters…mmm…sugar…

Number 8 is not only tasty, but looks amazing!  Witch’s broom cupcakes by Cookies & Cups are both festive and delicious!

Number 7 goes to one of my faves…homemade candy corn posted on The Kitchn.  This looks both fun to eat and fun to make.

The 6 spot belongs to Sugar Swings!  Serve some with their amazing halloween whoopie pies.  I know Scott would adore these tasty treats.  We will definitely be trying this in our house!

Number 5 goes to the {decorated cookie} again for the easiest-ever chocolate spider pops.  And may I say, “YUM!”  Seriously, if you haven’t had the pleasure of a cake pop yet, give this bad boy a try.  It will knock your socks off.

Number 4 leaves nothing to be desired with this fabulous Chocolate Spider Web {cake in a jar} by I am baker.  This is both delicious and festive!

This next one is adorable!  Number 3 goes to My own ideas for theses super cute Acorn Cookies.  Mmmm…I can taste them already!  My girls would LOVE these!

The second tastiest Halloween treat on our list belongs to Martha Stewart (‘s chefs), with the Chocolate Caramel Layer Cake….need I say more!?

And, finally, this timeless Halloween treat in first place belongs to …imagine childhood with these delicious caramel apples…can’t have fall without ‘em!

So, get out your wisks and spatulas, fall fans!  It’s baking season!  What’s your favorite fall treat?  Share it with us!


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