Hi, Autumn Fairies!

It’s my favorite season—while up north, that is.  Living in Florida, fall is a lot different than in Pennsylvania.  I do so love the Northern fall—the colors of the changing leaves, the smell in the air, the sounds of the leaves crunching under our feet, the feel of the crisp air.  I love jackets and long sleeves.  Though I adore Florida living, I will always miss the Northern fall and even the first dozen or so snowfalls.
I love decorating for fall.  In my house, fall is the start of the baking season.  I guess it’s always baking season around here, but it takes a turn at the end of September and we break out the pumpkin and Thanksgiving cookie cutters.


This week, the girls and I began talking about autumn and when it was coming.  They love the concept of fairies coming and changing the seasons (while still being aware that God is in control of everything), so we weave that into our discussions.  Chloe peeked her head out of our front door this morning and yelled, “Hi, autumn fairies!”  Then we spent the rest of the day snuggling and baking cookies and working on our fall décor.

Today was watercolor day. The girls made several pictures “for the autumn fairies” as Chloe said it. We added them to our fall decorations.

When we moved to Florida, all of our fall decorations somehow disappeared, which is a bummer, but it also means we get to start over.  So, we decided to make everything.  It will probably take us all season to get our house good and decorated, but we have a fabulous start.

The reversible table runner and matching napkins that I whipped up yesterday, topped with 3 little pumpkins, for each of my little pumpkins.

Enjoy this season!  God paints such beautiful pictures this time of year.