My Precious Laelia Grace

Today is my dear sweet Laelia’s first birthday.   We are so blessed to have such a wonderful little lady in our family.  Each of us is so thankful for her.  She is a gift right from God!

Laelia is growing so fast!  My little monkey climbs, walks, kisses, babbles, talks, snuggles, plays with her sisters and mama and daddy, she even jokes around.  Her favorite game is peek-a-boo and her favorite songs (just like her sisters at this age) are “Twinkle, Twinkle” and “High Diddle Dee.”  She loves potatoes like it’s no body’s business.  I am so enjoying watching her as she develops—from a precious newborn to a mobile baby and soon, into a little girl.  She loves her sisters and interacts so well with them.  Chloe and Willow are so good with her too.  They help her when she needs help and truly love her.  Laelia, like her sisters, has a genuinely sweet personality and such a gentle spirit.

Today was such a great day.  We got to celebrate Laelia’s life and the joy of being the ones blessed by her existence.  What better way to celebrate than to have a party!  We had a fabulous time with our family today.  What a blessing it has been to have Laelia in our lives!


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