The Girls’ Bathroom Makeover

Slowly, but surely we are redoing each room in our house.  We moved in when Laelia was just 7 days old—almost a year ago.  When it came time to do the girls’ bathroom, I asked Chloe what color she wanted to paint it.  “Green!” she said excitedly.  I was thinking the same thing.  I checked back with her a few days later, just to be sure and her answer was the same, as it is her bathroom (and Willow’s) and I wanted her to have a say in the color.  She stood firm on green.

I had planned on making our shower curtain, but I didn’t have the fabric that I wanted.  I can still see it in my mind.  I went to the thrift store several times and didn’t find what I was looking for, but during a trip to Target, I found a really cute pink flowered shower curtain that did the job just fine.  And, after comparing about 8 different paint swatches to the green in the leaves on the shower curtain, we had our green…”soft sage.”

Time to paint!  I like painting, most of the time.  And, I did enjoy painting this bathroom.  It took me two days…I usually consider each job and how long it should take and then add on one day per child to the time of completion.  This job surprised me.  I got done much sooner than expected (hooray!).

I also had a wonderful helper.  Since Chloe was such a big part in the decision making of this project, I decided to let her paint as well.  Of course she was ecstatic, although she didn’t much care for the paint getting on her hands.  She put on one of Daddy’s painting shirts, which had to be modified to fit her tiny form, and she was ready to paint.  She did a great job and we worked together as a wonderful team!

I added some final touches…a picture, a basket on the wall for books (they are little book readers on the potty…another story for another day).


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