Whimsical Whimsies Hyperlink

In my blogging quest, I have come upon something that I wanted to include in my site—a command button that acts as a hyperlink to Whimsical Whimsies.  For the millions of bloggers and followers of blogs out there, this (as most of you probably know) allows other whimsical people to post my hyperlink on their sites should they feel the whimsy to do so.  But how to create this?  So, I did as my husband always does when he isn’t sure what to do…I googled it.  I just love the internet.  People are so helpful with their “how to” blogs and YouTube videos.  I found a wonderful video guiding me in my quest.  All I needed is a picture (Done!  I’m a photographer.  I have lotsa those!) linked to a website giving it its own web address and the ability to put it together using html format (given to me by those previously mentioned helpful people via the world wide web).  So here is the finished product!


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