Party Hats!

As my Laelia’s first birthday approaches, I am once again in party mode.  Party hats are one of the funnest things to design and pretty easy to make too!  When Chloe was turning one year old (sniff), I went online and looked at all the possibilities for exciting party hats because, let’s face it, she deserves the very best!  And what did I find?  I found that I am more than capable of making (there’s that word again) the hat for a few pennies rather than buying it from someone or someplace else.  And what’s more, I already had everything to make it!  Awesomely thrifty!  The party colors were pastel pink, blue, and yellow, so that is what her hat became.

I know. She’s perfectly precious!
Now, making this hat was so much fun! So, I decided to make more hats for more people. So this is what came out of that idea…

Laelia’s birthday pictures will be coming soon. Hers is the pink one in the middle up there. Willow’s is the purple one. I have just finished the rainbow party banners for birthday parties. They turned out so great. These are super cool…I sewed them using fabric I already had (FREE!!) and they are something we can use for each of the girls’ birthday parties. I had the best time putting them together. I can’t wait to post them, however, I’m going to wait until after Laelia’s party in about a month. That way I’ll get good pictures of them hanging up. And I’ll also mention that I absolutely love parties, especially for my girls. It’s so much fun. I am so proud of each of them and all they can do and what sweet, thoughtful ladies they are.


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