Door Table Extraordinaire!

About a year ago, I was visiting websites looking for dining room tables.  I don’t like the ordinary, because it’s…ordinary.  I want fabulous, extraordinary, and absolutely unique.  So, I stumbled upon this website where a fabulously brilliant woman turned a wooden, five paneled door into her dining room table….what???

So, I of course fell in love with the idea and began my search for my door.  Scott’s uncle is an amazing man of construction with his own business where he does the extraordinary.  So, I mentioned to him that I was looking for a solid wood, preferably paneled, door.  Uncle Bruce just so happened to have one taking up desired space in his garage…just for me…and for free (FREE!).

For the next 8 months the door took up desired space in my garage.  I had a baby, we moved, and life kept happening until just about a month ago.  It was finally time to work on the table.  So we set that bad boy up on the saw horses and I began staining……I LOVE to stain.  There is just something about it that I absolutely adore. *sigh*  So staining, cutting, drilling, assembling….we got a beautiful piece of beveled glass for the top of the table for just $100.  It was just leaning against someone’s house and they didn’t want it for anything.  Score!

And now for the grand unveiling of the table that I love sooo much!



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