Lambing time has come! On Christmas Day I noticed that one of our sheep was definitely pregnant. So exciting! Lambs are so cute and fun. Based on our only other lambing experience this year (and ever) I thought we had about three to four weeks left. But just two days later, this sweet girl was born. 

The girls went out to do morning chores and they came back holding a sweet lamb, who was later named Scamper. And scamper she does! She has added a little bit more fun to our flock. Hope, her mama, has been very good to her which is nice to see after two of our goats rejected their kids. Mama and baby walk around together. Scamper nurses and then watches Hope, Winter, and Henry eat grass. She buries her pink nose deep down in he grass and licks it with her spotted tongue. 

There is something so peaceful about a mama and a baby. I’m loving these moments. And I’m pretty sure that Miss Winter is expecting another little lamb soon too, but we’ll have to wait just a few weeks more to be sure. I’m hoping for twins! 


Mama’s Day

I love that I have a family that wants to celebrate my birthday each year. It’s been a challenge for me. I don’t feel the need to make a fuss about my birthday. In fact, I don’t really like to. At all. But I LOVE to celebrate each one of them. So despite my requests for a day where we do yard work, my family gathered around me and made me feel loved and special. What could   possibly be a better gift?!

They drew some of my favorite things on the chalkboards. ❤️

Merry Christmas!

On this day that is very focused on gifts, let’s take a moment and remember he greatest gift ever given-Jesus! Here are a couple verses our family has learned and meditated on this Christmas season. 

Isaiah 9:6

For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government will be upon His shoulders, and His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. 

Matthew 2:10

When they saw the star 🌟 they rejoiced.

Merry Christmas!

Christmasing Along Together

There’s no doubt that this family has taken advantage of every opportunity to celebrate Christmas this year.  We’ve baked cookies, attended parties, bought and crafted ornaments,  and prepared and wrapped gifts.  We’ve cut down our tree and trimmed it. 

The Elves have brought their mischief.  Santa has been visited (three times!). We’ve decorated our church and our home and thanked those who volunteer their time and service throughout the year. Hot chocolate and treats have been tasted…a lot!

We’ve found the best decorated homes and ooohed and ahhhed at our favorite decorations.  Christmas movies have been watched. Gingerbread men and houses have been made. We have visited friends and family. Shopping is finished. The church Christmas program has been performed. 

And we are enjoying moments of remembering Jesus and His special gift to us! If none of the rest of these fun moments were there, His gift would be enough to sustain us and fill us with that special joy that we feel at Christmas time. Don’t exclude this kind of joy this season (and all through the year!). Keep it close to your heart. ❤️

Tree Farm

In Florida, a true cut-your-own Christmas tree farm is hard to come by. There was only one that I could find in all of Florida. Lately I have been feeling like the more family adventures we can go on, the better. So naturally we trekked off to this farm. The two hour drive didn’t seem that bad. We kept ourselves busy and happy in the car.

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Hurricane Irma and a birthday

Wow! We are nothing short of blessed by the outcome of Hurricane Irma. What could have been a disaster and “catastrophic” as the news suggested numerous times, turned out to be flooding and a couple minor repairs. Others were not nearly as blessed. All of that wind and rain, while scary at times, actually provided us with a great day spent as a family. And what better day for it to happen than Laelia’s birthday!

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Butchering Day

No store bought chicken can compare to the delicious flavor that farm fresh chicken can bring to your dinner table.  Such a rich flavor comes from chicken from your own backyard.  But in order to get it you have to have….butchering day.  Now, a fair warning: there will be a lot of graphic pictures in this post on account of the butchering of the chickens.  So if you are bothered by that, please overt your eyes.

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