Our Foster Family

Our family has embarked upon a new adventure. This one is sure to be a blessing for us all–foster care. It has been on our hearts for quite some time to take care of kids who need a family to love and care for them, no matter how long or short of a time that may be. On Wednesday we were granted our license to foster children. And late last night we were blessed with our first little guy. He’s a sweetie, and we’re grateful to be a part of his life for a while.

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Servants for Jesus

Something that has consumed my heart for some time is teaching my children to have a heart for Jesus. Part of this heart, this passion, is serving Him. My hubby and I both serve faithfully in our church, with our children right alongside of us. Modeling this behavior to our kids has taken a prominent place in our activities. Part of what we share with them as we do things together is that serving the Lord doesn’t have to be done in this grand way. It can be as simple as watering plants at church or taking chairs off the table after the janitor cleans a room. We can replace napkins or sweep the floor. Anything they do, as long as their hearts are focused on the Lord, is an act of service for Him.

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Elfin Magic

This is our first year with the elves.  They came to us a couple weeks ago and actually rode in on the train that skirts our tree.  Twinkle and Sprinkle are their names, and they came with a note explaining that they might find themselves in bits of mischief.  Here is some of the mischief they’ve created since they’ve been with us.


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Advent Calendar

I have gone through several ideas for advent calendars.  When I was a kid we had a felt calendar that hung on the wall.  It had pockets and my mom would put candies in them.  My brother and I got to pick our candy out each day as we counted down to Christmas Day.  Fun!  Wanting to keep the candy away from my kids, I foolishly came up with another idea.  You can see it here.  It involved moving a bow on ornaments that hung in our window.  It’s very pretty…just not as fun for the kids though.


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