Very early in the morning, when many kids are still asleep, mine are creeping quietly around the house.  I am woken by whispers and the occasional clanking of dishes.  And then, a little face will whisper ever so closely to mine, “Mama, come out and see.”

And in the still of the morning, I come out to see what has been happening.  My sweet little girls have made breakfast.  Scrambled eggs, fruit, sometimes toast or left over banana bread will be waiting on the set table in serving dishes.  Three times in the last month I have woken up to this special treat.

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Popcorn Harvest

This year we planted popcorn.  I have always wanted to plant popcorn and because of it’s location in the garden, the chickens left it alone….one of the only things they left alone.  Last week we harvested the corn.  We didn’t have many ears and they didn’t get very big, but that didn’t matter to us.  It was exciting enough just to successfully grow popcorn!


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Father’s Day

This Father’s Day is bittersweet for me. I’m so grateful for my husband. He is a wonderful dad to our kids. I’m thankful that they have him as a role model and to give them those good snugly hugs that only a daddy can give. He works hard for them and plays hard with them. I am also appreciative of the example he shows them as a husband. He is teaching our daughters how they should be treated by the man they marry and what to look for in a husband later. And our son is learning how to be a husband–how to treat his wife. He is also learning how to be a dad and a man of God. I’m thankful for this man. He is loving, kind, and gentle.


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The cool, breezy days are leaving us, and we are at the point where the windows and doors will stay closed for the summer.  I have been enjoying the cool weather so much, and I’ve been making sure to appreciate every moment while it’s been with us.  The kids have too.  I’ve found them outside many times, playing and dreaming away together.  Ahhh…it fills me with so much joy!  I remember these moments with my brother.  We played outside all the time and they are my favorite memories.

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There is something about turning 3 that transforms each child.  Those sweet and agreeable little faces become very opinionated and frequently distempered.  They are working hard to become someone.  Who? They do not yet know.  But they are working.  Sometimes this comes at the cost of sadness and sometimes physical pain of those around the almost 3 year old.  Time outs become more frequent, as do discussions about what is kind and what is not, and how in our house we only do what is kind and loving to others.  It is a process.  And it can be quite exhausting.

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A Work in Progress…

I love a project. Something I can dream about and slowly work on here and there.


Even as a mother of four there are little moments throughout the day when my creative side gets an opportunity to break free…in the car, when the kids have finally snuggled in for the night, in those sweet moments of play (the ones with no fighting, of course).

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