Palmetto Berries

We are still in the first year in our new house and are still encountering new things as we go.  As the saying goes, there is a season for everything.  And that includes Saw Palmetto Berries!  Where we live, about 7 of our 10 acres are covered in Palmettos.  They are super invasive and take a lot of work to get rid of (I’m told).  But right now, the benefits of having Palmettos are significant.  Did you know that the berries are in high demand for pharmaceutical companies?  I just learned this recently.  Saw Palmetto Berries are beneficial for prostate health and as a hair loss treatment.  Local places will buy berries at a couple dollars per pound!  

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In the Garden

It’s planting time!  I have been looking forward to this for such a long time.  Every time I worked in my old tiny raised gardens.  Every time I went to the grocery store to buy expensive, organic produce.  Every time I drove 40 minutes to pick up produce from the coop…I thought about it.  And dreamed about it.  I can’t wait to have my garden abundantly producing what my family eats.  Last week we began our planting.  Our garden is about 15 feet x 100 feet.  It took a while to get it ready to plant (and it would’ve been longer if not for the help of a friend with a tiller!).

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Pond Life

We may have lost a pool in the move, but we’ve gained a pond.  I was quite sad at the thought of not having a pool in Florida, but we haven’t missed it in the least.  (Check back with me in July though, just to be sure.  I may have a different response for you.)  Pond life has added a new adventure for us.  On occasion the girls will put on their swim suits and go for a swim.  We’ve gone fishing a couple times.  Reed enjoys throwing things into it.  Anything really, but we try to keep him occupied with the hundreds of pinecones and sticks available for chucking in the water.  Sometimes we even get visitors.  No alligators yet, but we’ve had some egrets, cranes, storks, and even otters.DSC_8702 Continue reading

{Recipe} Homemade Deodorant

I found a fantastic recipe for deodorant.  It’s very simple and works great!  If you’ve made deodorant then you know just how easy and fun it can be.  My favorite part about making this is that I know what ingredients are in it and none of them include chemicals!  We have gotten away from deodorants that include aluminum, but there are still lots of other ingredients that I’m unsure of and I’ll be honest, making things that go on or in our bodies is important to us.  Laelia helped me today.  She has been such a good helper in the kitchen lately.

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{Recipe} Chocolate Avocado Pudding

My children are wonderful eaters.  They eat all kinds of fruits and veggies (without bribery).  But when it comes to avocado and sweet potato and zucchini, that’s where they draw the line!  However, every so often we receive a few beautiful organic avocados in our fruit basket from the coop.  Most people would be overjoyed to receive such beautiful fruits and they’d probably be gobbled up that day.  My kids are the kinds that poke the avocado with a yuck face and let out a loud, “Ewwww! I’m not eating that!”  They get it from their father.  ;)dairy free chocolate avocado pudding

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take one Lime and call me in the morning

I’ve had a headache for 3 days–3 days during VBS week at our church.  Yikes!  Today I was feeling like enough was enough of this crazy headache.  And for some reason today it was exponentially worse.  Ugggh!

I’ve taken some pain killers to get rid of it, but nothing has worked yet.  I’ve also tried things like eating a little more (healthy foods only) and drinking more water (which I’m already doing like crazy because of nursing my sweet boy).  I tried caffeine and chocolate.  Nothing has worked.  Have you ever heard of rubbing a lime on your head to get rid of headaches?  I know how that sounds because I was once on the other side of that question.  Natural headache remedy

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Raised Garden Beds – Part 2

I’m probably way to excited about my second raised garden being put in this past week.  But for two reasons:  1.  We have another fantastic place to grow some tasty, organic veggies.  and 2.  My wonderful husband did the entire thing without me even asking him to do it.  He made time, got all the supplies, worked on the project, and included the girls.  Color me impressed, Sir!  Let me just reiterate, without me asking him to do it.  And not one complaint came from him (in my direction anyway) and it was crazy hot and humid this week!  What a sweetie pie. building raised garden beds

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Happy Birthday, Reed!

Our new little guy is finally here!  And he is completely precious…Reed Alexander arrived Wednesday night after 93 minutes of labor at 8:33 pm into a tub of warm water in our living room.  Through hypnobirthing techniques we learned, we were able to have a nice, peaceful beginning to Reed’s sweet new life.  Here is a peek into one of the most emotion filled moments that we’ve shared together.   (Before you get uncomfortable, I am wearing a swim suit :) )DSC_0097

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