Raised Garden Beds – Part 2

I’m probably way to excited about my second raised garden being put in this past week.  But for two reasons:  1.  We have another fantastic place to grow some tasty, organic veggies.  and 2.  My wonderful husband did the entire thing without me even asking him to do it.  He made time, got all the supplies, worked on the project, and included the girls.  Color me impressed, Sir!  Let me just reiterate, without me asking him to do it.  And not one complaint came from him (in my direction anyway) and it was crazy hot and humid this week!  What a sweetie pie. building raised garden beds

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Growing Lettuce

Here is a super easy way to plant lettuce and get fast results!  When you get a head of lettuce at the farmer’s market, grocery store, or wherever you get your lettuce, cut the lettuce leaves away from the stem.  But rather than throwing that stem right into the composter, place it in a small bowl of water on your kitchen counter.  Give it just a couple days and new leaves will begin to sprout (Did you know that Chloe means little green shoot?  We like to point out all the Chloes we find).  Let it sprout for a couple days and you should see it shoot up rather quickly.  Make sure to change out the water so it doesn’t get mucky.  After a few days, plant it in your garden.  Ours grew six inches in just a few days.  We go through a lot of lettuce, so this method has been great for us to get a lot more out of one head of lettuce.  Happy sprouting!  DSC_0490
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Raised Garden Beds (and a little bit about marriage)

I’ve shown you my gardens many times before.  Not to any great extent because this if Florida.  In Florida, even when you dig down 10-16 inches in your garden and remove all of the sand and replace it with nice, rich organic soil and compost, you will still wind up with sand.  We did okay in our garden the first season and pretty good the second season…but not great.  I’ve learned that I’m just going to need to raise it up since we want it to be organic and need this added expanse of dirt to make it work.

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Affordable Organics

We’ve had a few changes in the last couple months that have brought up the numbers on our green-o-meter!  One of the changes is that we’ve begun buying our organic produce from a local company called Affordable Organics.  This company gathers organic only produce from local farmers and sells it in shares.  It’s fantastic!  And it’s cheaper or comparable to grocery store prices.  They also provide an amazing variety of fruits and veggies that we wouldn’t normally be able to buy in the store.  If you live nearby and want more info, you can find their page here.   And if you don’t live nearby, but want to purchase from local farmers, do a little research.  Chances are there’s a great company in your area or farmers markets that can provide you with some great fresh, local, organic produce.  DSC_0048 Continue reading


The cooler months are upon us here in Florida.  While much of the rest of the country is snowy and freezing, we are enjoying having the windows open and running outside without having to come in to avoid the heat or jump in the pool to cool off a bit.  The girls have been enjoying their time outside.  Before we begin  our daily activities, we spend a good portion of the morning playing and gardening.DSC_0191 Continue reading

The Laelia Orchid

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On our lanai hangs an orchid.  When it blooms, it is absolutely breathtaking.  Did you know the most common type of orchid is the Laelia Orchid?  Ours blooms once a year and this year it opened, in all its glory, yesterday–on Laelia’s birthday.  How fitting.  After breakfast, Chloe pointed out the two marvelous blossoms looking as lovely as ever.  I had to move it from where it hung to right in front of the window so we could gaze at as much as possible, for as long as we are graced by them this year.

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In the Garden

It’s planting season again!  August and September mean it’s time to get back out there and grow some veggies.  The summer is good for…well, okra.  Not much because it’s so hot.  While okra is wonderful, I can’t wait to get back to growing those nice juicy tomatoes, giant cucumbers, broccoli, and all our other favorite vegetables.

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