Happy Easter!

I wish you a blessed Easter, full of remembrance of what our Savior did for us on this special day so long ago.  He Is Risen!

He is not here!  He is risen just as He said it would happen!                       Matthew 28:6

Happy Easter 2015

April Fools Day and 7 Fun Pranks

Two years ago I introduced Chloe to April Fools Day and pranking.  Not mean pranking.  Funny pranking.  One year we made brownies (Brown Es).  And another year we sent the grandparents Doughnut Seeds (Cheerios), which they thought was cute of course.  But this year…oh this year I am no longer on Chloe’s prankster team.  Nope.  I have been forced to the other side and I am now being pranked on.   Really, I couldn’t be more proud of my blossoming jokester.

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In the Garden

It’s planting time!  I have been looking forward to this for such a long time.  Every time I worked in my old tiny raised gardens.  Every time I went to the grocery store to buy expensive, organic produce.  Every time I drove 40 minutes to pick up produce from the coop…I thought about it.  And dreamed about it.  I can’t wait to have my garden abundantly producing what my family eats.  Last week we began our planting.  Our garden is about 15 feet x 100 feet.  It took a while to get it ready to plant (and it would’ve been longer if not for the help of a friend with a tiller!).

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Willow’s Baptism

What a special day it has been for our family!  Today Willow was baptized.  We were honored to be surrounded by our church family.  A few of our family members were able to make it, but for the many that live so far away, here is a piece of this special day for Willow.  Thank you to all who played a part in making this day so special for her.  It is so moving to see my girl take a stand for Jesus in this way!  I’m a proud mama. :)

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Well, it’s true.  I’m a goat person.  I thought I was.  I even wanted to move to a farm just to become a goat person.  And as it turns out, I’m a goat person!  It’s been five weeks since the kids came to our farm. We were able to get twin nubians – a boy and a girl (Kevin Mike (named after my brother, which was very important to Chloe) and Hazel).  They came to live with us when they were three days old…precious!  And if you haven’t tried it yet, I’ll just tell you that bottle feeding baby goats is super adorable.

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A Rabbit Habitat….A Rabbitat

There isn’t much cuter than a little bunny.  Their sweet little ears, twitchy noses, and that soft, soft fur.  So precious.  We are all suckers for rabbits over here.  Each of the girls has her own, the latest addition occurring very recently after a trip to the feed store where 5 precious little bunnies awaited us in a hutch.  Laelia was the only one who did not have a rabbit and who was ready and willing to hand over some of her Christmas money to bring home her own little fuzzy.

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Pond Life

We may have lost a pool in the move, but we’ve gained a pond.  I was quite sad at the thought of not having a pool in Florida, but we haven’t missed it in the least.  (Check back with me in July though, just to be sure.  I may have a different response for you.)  Pond life has added a new adventure for us.  On occasion the girls will put on their swim suits and go for a swim.  We’ve gone fishing a couple times.  Reed enjoys throwing things into it.  Anything really, but we try to keep him occupied with the hundreds of pinecones and sticks available for chucking in the water.  Sometimes we even get visitors.  No alligators yet, but we’ve had some egrets, cranes, storks, and even otters.DSC_8702 Continue reading