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Yesterday I posted pictures from Chloe’s baptism.  What a great day it was!  She did such a good job.  I am so appreciative of the church we attend.  We have been blessed by a loving group of people who truly love our family.  Each one of us enjoys our time there and we look forward to the next time we get to go!  I know I don’t talk about this side of our lives too often, but it is a really big part of our world and I am thankful for it.

After church, we spent the day with our family.  We had a nice lunch in honor of Chloe.  I was really excited to make this about her, so I got out some lace table runners and decorated our buffet line and our dining room table.  I also scattered white rose petals on them.  She loved it.  She’s so precious!  My goodness…..

…….and then partied in the pool for a while–Ferguson style (which just means we had lots of fun).

Around dinner time we headed down to the river to play on the beach for a while and have some dinner.  The kids found some really cool sea life right at the edge of the water and had a great time exploring that, and as you might know by now I love when they do that kind of thing.  This moment was like one of those touch and feel aquarium exhibits.  They picked things up and felt them and watched them move around.  And then when they were finished they gently returned them to their homes.  It was great.

The rains rolled in quickly so we took shelter in the pavilion where we were having dinner, but behind the rain came a rainbow that arched over our beautiful view of the river.  It was a bit faint, but we enjoyed it anyway.

What a great day it was!  I’m so thankful for every moment of it–even when I scraped my toes on the sharp sea shells and when poor little Laelia, who was running to me, fell flat on her sweet little face in the sand (maybe I didn’t enjoy that part, but I loved the snuggling afterward) and when the day was clearly over and a certain little lady who will remain nameless got extraordinarily fussy.  A perfect day.

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