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You may recall White Shirt.  White Shirt, as I mentioned a couple days ago, is a shirt that was doomed from the moment it entered my house.  One white shirt against three small children.  The children won.  White Shirt has polka dots–not cute ones.  Dirty ones.

stains, comfy shirts

So I found a bottle of fabric dye in the cabinet above my dryer and I thought I’d give it a go.  Dark Brown.  Take that stains!

stain remover, how to remove stains

dye bath, how to dye fabric

dyeing a white shirt

stainless steel pots and pans, comfy clothes, yoga shirt, yoga pants

RIT fabric dye

rising, rinse, sink, sprayer, faucet

brown shirt

cooking, baking, kitchen, So, is it true?  Do I rock the color brown?  I’m just kidding.  But I do appreciate White Shirt’s conversion to Brown Shirt.  It turned out pretty good!  And, I feel like I conquered the stains that attacked White Shirt and made me sad.  Ha HA!

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