The Ladies in The Hinge


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Painted hinges drive me crazy.  Let me change that.  Poorly painted hinges drive me crazy.  But on top of that, rusted, poorly painted hinges drive me super duper crazy.  I am planning to do a big time clean up on all hinges in this house.  They all shall soon be removed and properly fixed to look beautiful again.  But until then, I shall leave you with the ladies in the hinge, whose faces grace our bathroom.DSC_9056


Earth Week


This was our first year recognizing Earth Day.  I checked out some crafts that we could make.  But it all seemed pretty silly to me.  Because why waste paper and time working on a project when we can be our there cleaning up our environment and learning through experience? Experiential learning is the best way for kids to learn anyway! And, rather than learn about Earth Day for just a day, we took an entire week and learned about our environment and the importance of keeping it clean.  We decided to clean up areas where we frequent, beginning in our own neighborhood!  We walked around our block, talked about litter, and cleaned up trash that had blown out of garbage cans and recycling bins.  The girls really enjoyed this, which might come as a surprise.  They each got a bag and happily walked around searching for trash.  DSC_0046 Continue reading

Good Friday ~ Crown of Thorns Bread


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Teaching the kids about Easter and Holy Week has always proved to be a challenge for me.  But this year we had a lot of fun learning about Easter and all the important moments leading up to it.  While the Easter bunny can be a fun idea, I feel that Easter is too important to cloud it with the bunny.  Maybe that’s a little prudish, but the special moments that we remember during this week are so great in number that the secular aspects add a little more than seems necessary.  Aaand, since I bring the fun just about anywhere I go, we of course had a good time on our journey through Holy Week.  I’ve also gotten a lot of ideas for how to do it in the years to come.  But one thing I discovered that we had fun doing today was making our daily bread into the crown of thorns.  DSC_9562 Continue reading

{Tutorial} Easter Cross


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Easter is such a special time and I love having something relevant to add to our front door.  My favorite door hanging is this Easter cross made out of sticks!  That’s right.  Sticks.  Which means that the body of this project is entirely free of charge, since most of us have tons of access to sticks.  And, if you have some other basic crafting supplies around, you might just end up making this one for free!  Which is exactly how it happened for me.  I made it several years ago, but it desperately needed an upgrade this year.  Easter Cross Continue reading

April Fools!


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Yesterday was April 1st–a day my little ladies love to celebrate.  Last year we started playing pranks.  My tricksters are learning the art of playing jokes on others without inflicting harm or pain, but still finding someone special to give a little zing.  This year was just as fun as last year’s Brown E’s.  Check out what these charming children did as their April Fools joke. Donut Seeds April Fools Joke Continue reading

My Funny Valentines


Valentine’s Day began with a bang for us and didn’t fizzle out until bed time.  It began with our Valentine exchange, which was very cute.  I gave the kids a little gift–silverware.  Sounds super boring, right?  Well when you have two kids who fight over a spoon at each meal (yes, you heard me right.  A spoon.  A kind of fancy cocktail spoon that has has wire wrapped around the handle and sparkly stones wrapped into the wire.  It’s name?  The Diamond Spoon) So I found a set of super cute rainbow handled silverware.  In a set of 4!  Perfect. They loved them.DSC_7365 Continue reading

“Jack Frost”

“Jack Frost came, Mama!” Laelia called excitedly, jumping up and down and waving her arms as she called to me.  He did visit.  He left his beautiful etchings outside on the grass and plants and car windows.  Inside we felt the cool air, so I of course, snuggled into bed even more, trying to get away from the cold. When I finally threw the covers back, I found my three sweet girls enjoying the “frost” on the windows. There was no actual frost on the windows, but they were quite steamy.  Later we went out to see Mr. Frost’s artwork on our lawn.  It was a perfect match for what they love so much–art.  Anything artistic.  At all.  From the moment they wake up in the morning until the moment they go to sleep they are thinking about drawing and coloring and artistic wonderment, with a side of make believe and imagination.  DSC_6248 Continue reading


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