Palmetto Berries

We are still in the first year in our new house and are still encountering new things as we go.  As the saying goes, there is a season for everything.  And that includes Saw Palmetto Berries!  Where we live, about 7 of our 10 acres are covered in Palmettos.  They are super invasive and take a lot of work to get rid of (I’m told).  But right now, the benefits of having Palmettos are significant.  Did you know that the berries are in high demand for pharmaceutical companies?  I just learned this recently.  Saw Palmetto Berries are beneficial for prostate health and as a hair loss treatment.  Local places will buy berries at a couple dollars per pound!  

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Teeny Tiny Turtle

Since moving to the farm, we have had visitors from many different types of animals.  Turtles are one of our favorite visitors.  Sometimes they come and sun themselves by the pond or go for a swim.  Sometimes we find them walking through the yard  and we follow them for a while to see what adventures they are going to have.  One thing we enjoy is watching turtles eat.  They are very fast and ambitious eaters!  But today as we were leaving for church, we heard the squeals from three sweet little girls, followed by, “A little turtle!” loudly shouted.  Because we have such large turtles in our area, I was assuming this little guy was maybe box turtle size….but no!  I’ve never seen such a teeny tiny turtle before!


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Confessions From the Mother Of a Climber

Our first child was very mellow.  She listened and obeyed most things that we told her.  When we told her not to touch the lamp, she did not touch the lamp.  When we told her not to climb on the cafe chairs, she did not climb on the cafe chairs.  I was always proud of how well she listened.  And she is still a wonderful listener.  When baby number two came, she was different from the start, as they all usually are.  She began to climb months before she walked.  When we told her not to touch the lamp, she touched the lamp and pulled it over so many times that we had to get rid of the lamp.  When we told her not to stand on the cafe chairs, she climbed up there and stood on them so many times that we had to move them to the attic until it was safe for her to be up on the chairs.  And it wasn’t that she was defiant.  She has always just functioned differently.  She is not satisfied with the ordinary.  She is an explorer.  An adventurer.  She is a Climber.


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Let’s Go Camping!

Part of our summer routine includes play time with some church kiddos each week.  During this play time, I lead an extremely brief (due to the interruption of sweet children) Bible study for the mamas.  Each week we “go on vacation” to a different location and our devotion relates to that location.  This week we went camping!

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Baby Blankets

Happy Father’s Day!  In honor of the daddy of our family, I wanted to share one of his favorite things…baby blankets.  I could tell you that he has a love of them and would still carry his around if he could.  But I won’t tell you that.  Instead I’ll show you my snuggly babies in their baby blankets…and then perhaps a little peek of Scott with his favorite baby blanket.

Chloe’s baby blanket

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Happy Easter!

I wish you a blessed Easter, full of remembrance of what our Savior did for us on this special day so long ago.  He Is Risen!

He is not here!  He is risen just as He said it would happen!                       Matthew 28:6

Happy Easter 2015